Aymara Sjamanisme
Aymara Sjamanisme
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Iemand die deze sessie bij Silvia Calisaya heeft gedaan: Er kwam tijdens deze sessie veel emotie vrij. Ik voelde boven op mijn hoofd alsof er iets uit stroomde. Ik ben jarenlang lang aan drugs geweest en dingen die eigenlijk niet goed zijn. Ik had nog nooit iets met heling of energie gedaan maar ik voelde diep van binnen dat ik iets moest doen. Het was voor mij stoppen of een einde aan mijn leven maken. Als ik door zou gaan met de alcohol en drugs zou ik niet verder kunnen met mijn leven. Direct na de sessie voelde ik het verschil. Ik voelde me soepeler, helderder en meer aanwezig. Ik had echt niet verwacht dat het zou werken en zo veel effect zou hebben. Ik geloofde hier totaal niet in. Mijn leven is compleet veranderd. Silvia Calisaya heeft mij geholpen een nieuw leven te starten. Willem
MAMAKOTA the mother lake PACHAMAMA the mother earth. THE WARI the god for animals. THE KUNTUR the god for the birds which connect the universe power , ACHACHILAS the mountains or apus wardians HUACAS the sacred places they found for doing ceremonies THE ILLAS the amulets one they need to have this will be made pottery, metal, bones, wood, stone, wood.
SILVIA CALISAYA CHUQUIMIA AND HER FAMILY ARE AYMARAS HEALERS Are the indigenous ethnic people from south America still living in the high plateau around the highest navigable lake in the world LAKE TITICACA. These are pre- Inka people still surviving , probably those pre Inka people lived very organized they were divided in small kingdoms actually we can see rests of this as: kollas, lupakas, urquillas, pacajes ,casaya and omasuyos. There were three languages on this area as the aymara, pukina, urquikillas and these were despairing the conqueror had seen them using. Then at the the XVI century were just Aymaras. We associate the Aymaras with the early Tiahuanaku civilization this is now Bolivia and also the Pukara they started over 2000BC. It is clear that Aymara was once spoken much further north, at least as far north as central Peru, where most Andean linguists feel it is most likely that Aymara originated. In fact, the Inca nobility may themselves originally have been Aymara-speakers, who switched to Quechua only shortly before the Inca expansion. For example, the Cuzco area has many Aymara place names, and the so-called 'secret language of the Incas' actually appears to be a form of Aymaras. The Aymara flag is known as the Wiphala; it consists of seven colors quilted together with diagonal stripes. Aymara have grown and chewed coca plants for centuries, using its leaves in traditional medicine as well as in ritual offerings to the sun god Inti and the earth goddess Pachamama. During the last century, coca has brought them into conflict with state authorities who have carried out coca eradication because the cocaine. Coca also plays a central role in the indigenous religions of both the Aymara and the Quechua. Coca is used in the ritual curing ceremonies of the yatiri, and, in more recent times, has become a symbol of cultural identity. Many chroniclers repeated that Aymara was the languages for GOD WIRACOCHA as divine creator and quechua for humans some say ,the Aymaras are the rest of the Atlantis or from the south the Lemurians. The Aymaras are still living with many things in style of life, believes, special life philosophy specially doing the using the ceremonies in all the ways ,in the high natural altar. AYMARA HEALER, CHAMANISM,YATIRI OR KOLLAWA For aymaras the correct name for shamans is the YATIRIS or the KOLLAWAS or Andean priest or spiritual leader or specifically healers they are still using the natural way for everything. The Lupakas are called children of the sun. They started calling the spirits to the mountains ,Pachamama earth the moon the sun. The Kollas are the medicine people , this means in Aymara medicine so they were as doctors using herbs, plants or animals for medicine. Probably that is why the high plateau is called the place of healers Aymara spirituality, are still worshipped today. Aymara people are still doing many ceremonies even they are also Catholics. Lake Titicaca, known by the native Aymara as Mamacota Mother Lake, is one of earth's strongest natural shrines of feminine energies. Aymara are still using and doing ceremonies for : So the Aymara Yatiry is a spiritual leader. Silvia Calisaya Chuquimia and her family are aymara healers or Yatiris they are coming to Holland part of Europe to share the life of Aymara. Deze sessie wordt onder andere door Silvia Calisaya gegeven: Kuti ceremonie, kuti means change, terug komen bij jezelf Dit is een zeer krachtige, intensieve sessie waarbij hele zware energieën worden weg gehaald. Vaak komt er ook je zielsdeel terug je ware zijn, essentie. Deze sessie is zeer geschikt voor mensen die aan verslavingen lijden, zich lost voelen, depressies, die ernstige trauma's hebben mee gemaakt zoals verkrachtingen, sexueel misbruik, fysiek geweld, ernstige auto ongelukken of enstig letsel na een val ect. Duur 2,5 uur 225 euro